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, good to be with you. new this morning, president obama outlining his course of action if we all go off the cliff. >> if an agreement isn't reached on time, then i'll urge the senate to hold an up-or-down vote on a basic package that protects the middle class from an income tax hike, extends vital unemployment insurance for americans looking for a job and lays the ground work for more economic growth and deficit reduction. >> the president is optimistic that a deal can be reached midnight on new year's eve. listen to senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. >> we had a good meeting down at the white house. engaged in discussions in the hopes we can come forward as early as sunday and have a recommendation that i can make to my conference and the majority leader can make to his conference. >> and the senate is set to reconvene sunday at 1:00 eastern time. the house also expected to be in session on sunday. they'll start at 2:00 eastern time with the first votes coming at 6:30. let's head up to capitol hill. mike viqueira is there. so what? even if they reach a deal today or tomorrow? do w
laws. you heard him talk about it in his weekly address. and yesterday the need for meaningful action regardless of the politics. now, in terms of the timeline, the president was informed about the tragedy friday morning, 10:30 a.m., informed by his national security adviser john brenn brennan, updated about the situation throughout the day. he made phone calls to fbi director robert mueller and the governor of connecticut, danell malloy, and offer the full support and resources of the federal government. president obama has ordered that all flags on all federal buildings in washington, d.c. be flown at half staff, a sign of the collective grief this nation is feeling over what has happened in connecticut. alex, it is usual for the president to go and visit a community, when it is suffering so much. we saw this after the shooting in tucson, after the shooting in aurora, colorado. i would not be surprised if we saw that again, but at this point in time, the white house has not released any of those plans. alex. >> kristen, it has been reported that the president had a longer statement
he's preparing a plan of action if no deal is reached. >> if an agreement isn't reached on time, then i'll urge the senate to hold an up or down vote on a basic package that protects the middle class from an income tax hike, extends vital unemployment insurance for americans looking for a job, and lays the ground work for future progress on more economic growth and deficit reduction. >> republicans say they want a deal as well, but they highlighted their biggest sticking points today in their weekly address. listen now to missouri senator roy blount. >> senate democrats have spent months drawing partisan lines in the sand. the president's proposal to raise tax on the top 2% of americans won't even pay one-third of the annual interest that's now owed on this massive $16 trillion debt. in fact, the president's tax hike would only fund the government for eight days. >> the senate is set to reconvene sunday at 1:00 eastern time. the house expected to be in session sunday. are going to start around 2:00 with the first votes coming around 6:30 p.m. let's head on over to the white hous
with the investigation. we are taking immediate action reviewing the process involved. london police said they may be interested in speaking to the deejays about the prank. the hosts are under intensive psychological counseling. a nurse that used to work with the victim came to her defense. >> i don't know what ishds have done or anybody else must have done. >> a complete medical explanation of the death is expected this week. the deejays may speak tomorrow. now, today's list of number ones. congrats to the finest football player in the land. johnny manziel winning the hiz man. it's not the honor an actor would like, but eddie myrurphy on a list of most overpaid actors. we won't get into all these numbers but then there's katherine heigl and reese witherspoon. dr. phil is earning his keep. he's the top tv talker after winning a ratings period. 007 overcomes "twilight." the new james bond flick is the projected winner knocking breaking down part ii to second place. rihanna topping the top 100 with "diamonds." those are the number ones on weekends with alex witt. ♪ shine bright like a diamond lets
, alex. he was also resolved, it seemed. he said now is the time to take meaningful action regardless of the politics. what specifically does that mean we will have to wait for the coming days and weeks to find out. now in terms of the tick tock, i can tell you president obama was alerted about this at 10:30 a.m. by his national security adviser john brenan. he spent the rest of the morning and afternoon receiving updates on the situation. he reached out to fbi director robert muller, he also reached out to the governor of connecticut, dan malloy, not only to express his condolences you will abouts to make it clear the federal government will stand with connecticut not only emotionally but in terms of offering resources and other supports, alex. >> kristen will kerr at the white house. kristen, many thanks for that. we want to let all of you know we're keeping an close eye on that scene there. it's where we expect the superintendent of the sandy hook public schools, janet robinson, to take the podium and address some of the questions about the unthinkable tragedy yesterday at the elem
if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. >>> so sad for all the kids, it's not fun, to know that maybe one of your favorite teachers are gone. we don't really know what to do what to feel, so we will see. >> those are twin sisters speaki speaking before they released a bunch over balloons in the colors of the newtown. i am speaking with senator-elect murphy, whose district includes newtown. >> thanks for having me. >> get to the latest in terms of what's going on on the ground. interpret the move there and how people are feeling and when there will be any sort of emotional resolution to all of this? >> i think people right now are still trying to figure out how to process this, think about it are there is really no precedent for this. this is a small town. this is a town that prays together that works together that celebrates together and now just trying to figure out how to grieve together that makes the loss even deeper because everyone here knows one of those kids or one of those families, bu
of actions and demanding the same thing. >> do you think they are beco becoming stronger after a period where there was a general consensus they might have been weakening. is there a return to power? >> over the past year, we have seen the vulnerability of unions. but we're seeing vitality in places it wasn't expected. fast food hasn't been a priority for unions for r a long time. it's one of the lowest-paying industries and its conditions characterize a larger and larger portion of the economy. the insecure hours. we're seeing workers courageous enough to take it on head on. >> josh, thank you for bringing it to you. i'm sure we'll be following more action. thanks so much. >>> just how big is fast food in america? the industry employs 4 million people serving 50 million people each day. a total revenue in 2010 of $180 billion. >>> over the last two years the average increase in wages is 3.8% but mechanics for buss and trucks have received the largest average raise of 12.5%. social media managers just over 11.5%. daughter's black bean soup spectacular? [ man thinking ] oh, this gas. those ant
on at the white house. all of the action right now is happening between leaders reid and mcconnell. t.j.? >> kristin, we will check if with you again. thank you so much. >> seven minutes past the hour. let me bring in economics correspondent nancy cook and reuters political reporter. thank you both for being here. we talk about what's going to get done, what we hope is going to get done. several things are not going to get done. tackle the debt ceiling, the sequester, payroll tax holiday and tax breaks for businesses. where does this leave us if they are not being discussed at this point? >> at this point, the best thing we could hope for is a small, bare bones deal that extends the middle class tax cuts, patches the amt. there are a bunch of things congress and the white house will have to deal with in the new year like the sequester. they are things that will get wrapped up in the other budget that we have coming up, particularly around raising the debt ceiling. >> we haven't talked about this enough. you hear it out there. the payroll tax holiday. we are talking about keeping tax r
that it was the -- case yesterday. i think will is going to be action on gun control. i think will are some, you know, common sense areas where both parties can agree. in fact, even most gun owners in the country would agree with moving forward on some really common sense actions. putting armed guards in schools is not something i think the country is going to -- they will rather see the investment with maybe more teachers or maybe improving class size and things like that. >> karen, what did you think? >> i thought it was very disconnected and not only from reality but as tony pointed out the majority of gun owners. if you look at the polling that has come out over the course of the last year, nra members, gun owners themselves, agree with the idea of doing background checks. what i found surprising, some would say i shouldn't have been surprised, is the nra took no responsibility for any part of what actually happened. i mean, if you buy the argument that, you know, guns don't kill people, people kill people, okay, what are the realities of human behavior we know that we need to address? we know th
have headed over to the senate and there could have been action. senate has to originate something. up to mitch mcconnell and harry reid to figure out something, send it back to the republicans in the house and hope enough will join democrat and vote for it. >> given the reasons for which mr. boehner was unable to deliver his own caucus in the house, do you think anybody could? >> i don't know that anybody -- tom would be a better authority on that as having been in the republican leadership. but they had the majority. the speaker actually had a reasonable proposition from a republican stand point of a million-dollar cutoff. let everybody under a million dollars have a tax cut. i don't know why he couldn't deliver it, quite frankly. >> why do you think, representative, that he couldn't deliver the republican caucus? >> a number of members upwards of 50 said they wouldn't vote for a tax increase without accompanying decreases in revenue. they did not like the deal. over 95% of these caucus members come from districts that romney carried. most come with over 55% of the vote nape ear not
criticism for both sides last night. >> palestinian leaders need to ask themselves what unilateral action can really accomplish for their people. president abbas took a step in the wrong direction this week. we opposed his resolution. but we also need to see that the palestinian authority in the west bank still offers the most compelling alternative to rockets and permanent resistance. >> she said that israel's decision to expand settlements sets back the cause of peace. joining me is evelyn leopold, former reuters bureau chief at the united nations, and the huffington post contributor. evelyn, good morning. glad to have you here to talk about this. first of all, how does this vote at the u.n. figure into the equation? you write about the change from the word entities, as palestine recognizes entity to an actual state. that's a big word change. >> yes, except they're not full members of the u.n. but they have that word change. and they will use it as best they can. they can join more entities. >> why -- >> and it also boosts the palestinian authority, gives it more prestige over hamas. >>
a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. >>> big money headlines, first a jump in jobs pumped up prices and 5,000 shades of green. joining me now morgan brenner, staff writer. good morning. >> good morning. >> the latest jobs report shows 36,000 jobs added in november, that brings down the unemployment to a near five-year low at 7.7. the numbers beat the expectations. are there any caveats here. >> there are. it's better than what analysts expected. i would say there's three cav t caveats here. the first, the numbers for september and october downwardly revised by 50,000 less employees, less workers brought into the workforce in those two months. it's a strong likelihood we'll see the same thing happen with november numbers in coming months. second caveat here, the reason we saw that unemployment rate jump down to 7.7% we've seen more americans leave the workforce again. these are americans that are looking for a job and gave up. despite the fact we saw 146,000 added this month, it's not enough to really bring that
, if they start to really talk to them in tone and not just in words, but in action and deeds, folks want to be successful. republican party has stood for that for a long time. it's sort of they lost their way. what they have do, also, alex, is live in reality. this is not one thing they understand. the way they're handling the fiscal cliff and appointing the chairman. live in the reality. you don't have to change overnight, but you have to do things that sort of move the ball down the road and african-americans who want to be in a republican party, but the republican party has to meet them at least halfway. >> morris, i think you touch on something really important. it's not just the message and not just what you say to them, your actions do matter and it needs to be more inclusive and they need to bring them in to be part of the process. >> all right, the big threeidarithreeidary dares to choose the best and worst of the week. continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. can i still ship a gift in time for christmas? yeah, sure
that louisville a cool place to eat and shop. fairbanks, action comes in second especially for late summer viewing of the northern lights. san juan islands, washington coming in third. number six eastern sierra, california. shout out to mammoth mountain. gorgeous out there. just saying. >>> i'll decorate it and it will be just right for our play. besides i think it needs me. >> good grief, don't try that at home. you want to find a real healthy tree? try the state that produces the most christmas trees which is oregon. with almost 5 million. north carolina and michigan are the runners up. and those are your number once. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. this reduced sodium soup says it may help lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just have to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. how much is your current phone bill? four si
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)